track picks

track picks faq's

  1. i am a professional handicapper. how do i join your site?

    all you need to do is click on the registration link on the menu and complete the registration form. once that is completed, you may begin making picks by logging in with your username and password. keep in mind that we verify your information from your registration. a handicapper's picks won't be displayed until your information and payment are verified. all registered handicappers must be true professionals otherwise you will be removed from our site.

  2. i noticed that trackpicks sells handicappers' picks. does trackpicks provide information or any other offer if the information in these picks are incorrect (losers)?

    i'm sorry but we can not do this. the picks purchased on trackpicks are sold as is, and trackpicks will not provide further information depending on the outcome of the original purchased picks.

  3. i visited one of your handicappers web sites and noticed that they made picks that were not recorded on the site. why is this so?

    we only post the predictions that were made by the handicapper when they logged in. the whole purpose of our site is to prove the integrity of our registered handicappers. if the handicapper is making claims that aren't backed up by our site, then you have to question whether they are a true professional or not. there are quite a few "scamdicappers" out there looking to take your money by saying whatever it takes to convince you that they know sports handicapping. the goal of is to bring back integrity to the handicapping profession that has been tainted by these scamdicappers.

  4. how are baseball units earned determined?

    on our site we track units earned by using the line on the pitcher at the time of the pick. there are four units earned outcomes for the handicapper when making picks. for our example we'll use the following:

         favorite pitcher (-155) underdog pitcher (+135)

    • the handicapper picks the favorite pitcher and wins, they earn 1.0 units
    • the handicapper picks the favorite pitcher and loses, they lose 1.55 units
    • the handicapper picks the underdog pitcher and wins, they earn 1.35 units
    • the handicapper picks the underdog pitcher and loses, they lose 1.0 units

  5. how are the other sports units earned determined?

         this is a little simpler than baseball. trackpicks uses the following formula:

    • the handicapper picks a team that wins by covering the spread then they earn 1.0 units
    • the handicapper picks a team that loses by not covering the spread they lose 1.1 units should they tie the spread, then the game becomes a "no pick" and they don't earn or lose any units

  6. how do i see exactly what picks a particular handicapper made?

    first of all, we don't display picks made by the handicappers until the games have started. you can see these by clicking on "today's picks" in the menu. if you want to see picks they made in the past, click on the handicappers name anywhere in the site and it will bring up their statistical web page. here you'll see a breakdown of all picks made by that particular handicapper. just click on any of the league names or time frame and you'll see the games they made picks on and their outcomes.

  7. do you show consensus picks of all the handicappers?

    consensus picks are available when you purchase a 7 or 30 day picks package from trackpicks for any participating handicapper. trackpicks data can help steer you in the right direction when deciding on which handicapper you would like to use. you can use our site in many ways. all handicappers are streaky. you want to find a handicapper that is hot right now. you can even get more specific in that you want to find a handicapper that does exceptionally well on a particular sport especially if they are hot right now in that sport.

  8. are you associated with any other sports service?

    absolutely not! we are totally independent. we do not favor or promote one handicapper over another other than listing them in order of success. we do not have banners on our site advertising for any handicappers for that particular reason. if we find out that we are displaying banners for a site that is indirectly involved with a sports handicapper than we will stop it immediately. we will take all necessary steps proving to the bettors and handicappers out there that we are completely non-biased.

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